Caution: Simulation date not current!

Tariff browser:

  • provides access to detailed information on tariff data, including the goods nomenclature and tariff rates (preferential, suspended and in-quota tariff rates), as well as certain non-tariff data (applicable prohibitions, restrictions) from TARIC database. The browser also includes additional information, such as:

    • Legal Notes,

    • Explanatory Notes,

    • Binding Tariff Information,

    • Alphabetical Goods Index,

    • Classification regulations,

    • judgements of the European Court of Justice,

    • statements of the Customs Code Committee,

    • Compendium of Classification Opinions,

    • decisions of the Harmonized Code Committee,

  • contains national data (VAT and excise duty rates) and certain non-tariff data (e.g. phytosanitary restrictions),

  • allows to search for information:

    • by code or by text expressions,

    • on required documents, additional codes and tariff quotas,

  • enables to find the right commodity code

Customs Tariff startup file:

  • contains the tariff database status for a specified date and time,

  • enables to maintain a local copy of the tariff database.