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About customs Tariff portal

What is customs Tariff portal

The Customs Tariff Service is one of the components of the Integrated Tariff Information System ISZTAR4. It provides detailed information on foreign trade. The website presents both EU data from the Integrated Tariff of the European Union (TARIC) and national data (VAT, excise duty, non-tariff measures). The service is maintained by the Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance.

What you can find on the customs Tariff portal

Tariff browser:

  • provides access to detailed information on tariff data, including the goods nomenclature and tariff rates (preferential, suspended and in-quota tariff rates), as well as certain non-tariff data (applicable prohibitions, restrictions) from TARIC database. The browser also includes additional information, such as:

    • Legal Notes,

    • Explanatory Notes,

    • Binding Tariff Information,

    • Alphabetical Goods Index,

    • Classification regulations,

    • judgements of the European Court of Justice,

    • statements of the Customs Code Committee,

    • Compendium of Classification Opinions,

    • decisions of the Harmonized Code Committee,

  • contains national data (VAT and excise duty rates) and certain non-tariff data (e.g. phytosanitary restrictions),

  • allows to search for information:

    • by code or by text expressions,

    • on required documents, additional codes and tariff quotas,

  • enables to find the right commodity code

Tariff calculator:

  • enables calculation of customs duties on the basis of complete or partial data sets, as well as Meursing codes based on agricultural components,

  • enables to view information related to exchange rates,

  • is presented in two versions:

    • calculation with scenarios, presenting various calculation scenarios based on partial data sets (calculations are made using all possible measures, with conditions of their application),

    • standard calculation presenting one calculation result for complete data set.

Customs Tariff startup file:

  • contains the tariff database status for a specified date and time,

  • enables to maintain a local copy of the tariff database.

JSON API interface:

Offering following services:

  • list of HS and CN codes, which can be used in customs declarations,

  • information on tariff (e.g. customs duties) and non-tariff (eg. prohibitions, restrictions) measures attached to specific nomenclature code,

  • details of given tariff quota.