Last update date: 2023-01-28
Customs Integrated Tariff Information System ISZTAR4 has been upgraded from version ISZTAR3 within implementation of one of e-Customs projects as a part of Priority Axis 7 of the Innovative Economy Programme.
The modernization of the System concerned:
    - architecture reconstruction and technological modernisation
    - improving new presentation functionality
    - implementation of additional features according to the needs of the Customs Service and external users.
As a result of modernization of the System, ISZTAR4 provides the following services:
    - maintenance and update of the tariff database by TARIC data and national data
    - providing reliable, consistent tariff data and calculation of customs duties and taxes for Customs systems (AIS, AES, ZEFIR2, NCTS2)
    - web browser for presenting of tariff data and variant calculation of customs duties and taxes
    - enabling tariff data downloads (XML files) for external systems maintained by traders, agencies, institutions, etc.
    - providing consistent data for support classification goods
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