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Tax and Customs Electronic Services Portal (PUESC)

Tax and Customs Electronic Services Portal (PUESC) is a single access point to electronic public services of the National Revenue Administration (KAS) in the customs-border and excise area. It provides two-way and secure communication with KAS customers and supports automation of public e-services. These are in particular:

  • import, export and transit of goods,
  • trade in excise goods,
  • transport of goods covered by the monitoring system,
  • statistics of trade in goods between European Union countries.

The digitalisation of revenue services is intended to increase the convenience and speed up the implementation of business processes by economic operators and citizens — as clients of the KAS and the Revenue Service, which operates within its framework. It will make it possible to handle matters electronically or — when direct contact with the KAS is not necessary — remotely, regardless of the location of the activity or the type of technology used

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