Last update date: 2021-04-09
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ISZTAR4 - Measures - Conditions

Goods nomenclature code: 0511991000
Country of origin/destination: ERGA OMNES

Import control on seal products
B001Presentation of a certificate/licence/document: C679Import/export allowed after control
B002Presentation of a certificate/licence/document: C680Import/export allowed after control
B003Presentation of a certificate/licence/document: C683Import/export allowed after control
B004Presentation of a certificate/licence/document: Y032Import/export allowed after control
B005Presentation of a certificate/licence/document: the condition is not fulfilledImport/export not allowed after control
Additional information/Documents produced/Certificates and authorisations
C679 Attesting Document (seal product), issued by a recognised body in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 737/2010 prior to 18 October 2015
C680 Written notification of import and document giving evidence where the products were acquired (seal product)
C683 European Union - Attesting document for seal products resulting from hunt by Inuit or other indigenous communities for placing on the Union's market in accordance with Article 3 (1) of Regulation (EC) No 1007/2009 on trade in seal products
Y032 Other goods than those seal products mentioned in Regulation (EU) 2015/1850 (OJ L 271)